Buildings shop in game Chibi Island is located in the bottom right corner of the game. Here you can buy new buildings and start their construction. The higher your level, the more buildings you can build. Several buildings can only be built once, while all other buildings can be builtContinue Reading

Workers in Chibi Island are required to create items in industrial buildings and farms. You can see the total number of workers and how many are available at the moment in the upper left corner next to the experience bar.Continue Reading

How to improve a factory? To improve any factory means to add an additional production slot to it. To do this, select the building you need and tap the orange icon with tools next to the production slots. You will need resources to improve it. You have to improve theContinue Reading

The game is completely free, there’s everything you need for a comfortable game, whether it’s energy, resources, coins or gems. However, we always leave a choice to a player, and in order to speed up the gameplay, you can buy some items for real currency.Continue Reading