Clear Adventure Stage 8-7 in Brutal Age at Normal Difficulty to unlock the Artifact system. Once unlocked, you can tap the Artifact button on the bottom right corner of your city to enter your Artifact Warehouse and manage your Artifacts. Also, you can equip Partners with Artifact on Partner DetailsContinue Reading

Ranked Match Brawl in Brutal Age is a new Ranked Match mode. Based on normal Ranked Match, Brawl Skills have been added to Ranked Match Brawl! So you can play more exciting games and experience new features!Continue Reading

What is Safe Resource? How to check Safe Resource? Can I transport Safe Resources to my Clan mates? How to get resources? Why did my resource production stop? What is protected resources? Will my soldiers die if there is no meat in Outpost? Will my wounded soliders consume resources? WhyContinue Reading

Which Outpost will send out troops by system default? What will happen when two players march to the same monster site at the same time? Dragonkin Clash Fund Pack Battle Pass What’s the function of the in-game icon ‘i’ and ‘?’ How to increase power quickly? Why are my soldiersContinue Reading

Why do I need stars, and how do I get them? Stars are a special in-game resource you need to complete garden restoration tasks. They’re earned by playing match-3 levels, where you get one star for each regular or hard level you beat and two stars for super hard levels.Continue Reading

The Decor Catalog in Gardenscapes contains sets of thematic decorations for different garden areas. It’s available to players who’ve already restored the Treehouse Area. Tap the icon next to the tablet in the bottom-left corner of the screen to access the catalog.Continue Reading

How do I add more friends? Some of my in-game friends disappeared. Why? How do I visit other players’ townships? How do gifts work in Township? How do I delete people from my friend list? How do I know which players need my help? I can’t send friend requests. WhatContinue Reading

How do I plant crops and harvest my fields? How can I get more fields? How do I add more friends? How do I feed farm animals? How do I increase my population? How do I rename my town? How do I upgrade factories? How do I get construction materials?Continue Reading