Megapolis: What kind of buildings can I build in my city?

The Megapolis Store offers buildings that can be purchased for coins or Megabucks. Some buildings will only become available for sale for coins after you reach a particular level. But they can be purchased significantly earlier for Megabucks. You might have noticed that some buildings give you coins, while others give you citizens. Some buildings use up resources, while others replenish them. Let’s take a look at the types of buildings available at the Megapolis Store:

Residential Buildings

The most important part of any city is its citizens, and citizens need a place to live. Residential buildings help you increase your city’s population. There’s a huge variety of residential buildings available at the Store. You are free to pick whichever ones you like. Simply go to the Residential Buildings section, and take a look!


Under Infrastructure you will find office buildings, cafés, restaurants, movie theaters, educational buildings, museums, sporting complexes, and much more.
Build more infrastructure buildings to increase your city’s maximal population limit, and its funds.


Factories will help you to significantly increase your profits. At factories, you will be able to produce the raw materials necessary for further production of goods and fulfillment of orders. The number of factories you can build will increase with your level.


At stores, you can create useful goods from raw materials that are produced in factories. Each store produces its own unique set of products. You can construct one store of each type. New stores will become available to you as your level increases. Goods from the Stores can be used for fulfilling orders from the Order Board and for deliveries to other cities via the Airport.

Resource buildings

Resource buildings supply your city with water and electricity. If you do not have enough of these two resources, you will not be able to build new structures. To build a resource building, purchase it from the Resources section of the in-game Store.


As a conscientious and responsible Mayor, you’ll want your city to be full of green areas. Under Landscape, you will find a great selection of trees, squares, flowerbeds, bodies of water, and beautiful sculptures. Everything your citizens need to take a break! Build public parks, fountains, and other landscape structures to increase the maximum number of people that can live in your city. Plus, it will make your Megapolis look great!


All cities need roads. In the Roads section of the Store you will find highways, sidewalks, intersections, bridges, and parking lots. Everything you need to give your Megapolis a unique look.

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Different types of buildings will have different effects on the parameters of your city, such as the population and the amount of electricity and water. Factories, residential buildings, and infrastructural buildings use up electricity and water. By purchasing resource structures, you will be able to replenish these resources in your city.

Residential Buildings increase the total number of people that can live in your city. But once you hit the maximum cap, you will not be able to register anyone else. To increase the maximum number of people that can reside in your city, you need to add infrastructural buildings and landscape elements.

You can find detailed information about all types of buildings in the Store over the icons of the buildings. There you will find information about how much the structures cost, how much energy and water they consume, how many coins they will earn you, how many people will be added to your city once the building is built, and how long it will take to get both.

In addition, some buildings require a number of special materials. Even after you’ve purchased these buildings and placed them on the field, they will not be complete. You will need to gather a number of materials to complete them. You can take your time completing these structures, going through the stages of construction step by step. Enlist your friends to help you, get help from virtual assistants, earn daily gifts for logging in, or simply purchase the missing materials for Megabucks.

Megapolis has many more interesting buildings with a variety of different functions: telephone towers, train stations, manufacturing centers, and factories. Play the game and explore them all in Megapolis!

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