June’s Journey: What do I need Stars for and how do I get them?

Earn Stars by playing Hidden Object Scenes. In each scene, you can earn up to 5 Stars by playing the scene over and over.

As you earn more Stars, the following things will happen:

  • The Adventure Scene at the end of the chapter unlocks
  • New decorations and buildings unlock in the shop
  • New areas of Orchid Island can be uncovered

Also, when you earn a new Star in a scene, you will be awarded a Star Box containing valuable items. Every fifth Star Box you receive is a special 5-Star Box, but earning those requires some extra effort.

The amount of Stars you have earned in each scene can be viewed in the Scene Browser. The total Stars you’ve earned in the game so far can be seen in the top part of your screen when viewing Orchid Island.

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  1. Issue. My scene states mastered but it will not unlock to play. I have been playing the previous scenes multiple times. How can I get stars so I can proceed

    1. You have to earn flowers to move up to the next level if you look in the top right hand corner you will see the number. Earn more flowers by doing renovations.

  2. I have been playing a scene multiple times. It says mastered but does not move on to the next scene. It states I need more stars but I haven’t been able to gain any

  3. I might be in same dilemma. It seems like my scene wont unlock either. I have Mastered my scene. I have gotten perfect I played the scene so many times. It wont allow me to gain any more Stars. so I can go to star box, I dont even get that option anymore, plus I have done several renovations and have gotten several flowers, it told me it unlocked a scene and it tells me to finish previous scene.I have finished it. Mastered it and it wont go to next scene. It’s like I am stuck on scene 10, but my lady, my avatar says 13 in the box. Why cant I advance. I really like the game,, but cant go any further. I even made purchases to do nice renovations, I’m still stuck. No matter what I do. I downloaded the game from Google play .I’m not on Facebook

    1. I would suggest to exit the game completely, and log in again – or restart it. It might clear any glitches! 🙂 Good luck!

  4. Have got exactly same problem…

    1. Try to exit/close the browser you are playing the game on. And restart it. It might clear all glitches and/or something that might be lingering. Also, make sure the game is updated. And you got enough flowers to move on. Good luck!

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