June’s Journey: What are the Compasses for and how do I find them?

You must collect Compasses to clear the clouds and open up new areas of Orchid Island. Unlocking a region spends Compasses from your balance, and you’ll have to collect more to unlock the next region. Tap on your next available land area to see your current Compass balance.

You can find Compasses in Star Boxes, and sometimes they are awarded as bonuses for playing Hidden Object Scenes. They may also be purchased with Diamonds or real currency in special sales.

They are quite rare however, so you may have to play for quite a while to collect them!

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  1. Tapping on the next region to unlock only tells me How many compasses I need, not how many I have. How can I find out how many I actually have?

  2. I purchased a bag of compasses with diamonds, but can’t find them. Where are they kept?

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