June’s Journey: What are Landmarks and how do they work?

Landmarks are features on Orchid Island that can be restored as you progress. You can get quite a lot of Flowers by restoring landmarks, but it may not be easy. The first landmark you encounter is the Lighthouse, which you can help Mr. Talbot renovate.

Landmarks are not easy to restore. It is a long-term investment! Once per day you can help Mr. Talbot make a bit of progress on the Lighthouse. Keep at it every day though, and your patience and perseverance will be well rewarded. Along the way, Mr. Talbot reveals a special story about the history of this majestic construction.

The Lighthouse is only the first landmark you’ll discover on your journey exploring and restoring Orchid Island… the rest are a surprise. You’ll need to play to discover them!

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  1. I can’t figure out how points are lost over night in some games . I can be in the lead & return the next day to a low amount while a competer who was not near me suddenly leads me by tons. How do you figure out the points to carry over?

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