June’s Journey: How do I upgrade my Buildings?

Buildings are special decorations that require time and some materials to construct or upgrade. Materials can be collected from Star Boxes and are sometimes awarded as bonuses for playing Hidden Object Scenes.

Each building that you construct or upgrade will require materials and some time to complete, but once it’s been completed, it will generate Coins every so often. You can use these Coins to decorate even more by tapping on a building when the Coin icon appears above it.

You will find buildings in a separate tab in the Shop, and each building has a Star requirement that must be met in order to unlock it.

Buildings can be upgraded by using materials found in Star Boxes. Materials are also sometimes awarded as bonuses when you play Hidden Object Scenes.

When you click/tap on a building, some pop-up buttons and info will appear at the bottom of the screen. This shows some information, like the building’s name, the building’s current level, and the number of Flowers it is currently worth.

Tap on the green Upgrade button to open the building’s upgrade screen. You will then see the materials required to start the upgrade process, and the time it will take for the upgrade to finish.

You can instantly upgrade the building with Diamonds. To do so, tap ‘Instant Upgrade’ to buy any missing materials and also skip the construction timer so the upgrade happens right away!

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  1. Can buildings like the Clock Tower be moved to different islands?

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