June’s Journey: How do I get more space on Orchid Island?

As you progress in the game, you will be able to clear new areas of the island. Clearing a new area usually requires a certain amount of Stars and Compasses. To unlock a new area, tap on the cloudy square you wish to clear.

A pop-up will appear listing the requirements to unlock it.

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  1. How many stars and flowers do you need to unlock level 30 I have the flowers but still can not open it

    1. Stars and flowers are two different things. Flowers move you up the scene levels, stars are what you earn to open more land. Level 30 would be accomplished by getting flowers. Any new piece of land is earned by finishing the stars in each scene.

  2. How long can items be stored on the boat? Periodically I have to empty the boat in order to proceed to the next scene. It would help to be able to store a holiday set until the next time a particular holiday comes around without having to empty the boat and find any available space to place those items simply so you can move on to the next scene.

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