June’s Journey: Advancing in June’s Journey

Why is a Hidden Object Scene locked?

Scenes unlock as you progress in June’s Journey. If a scene is still locked, your Flower level might be too low, or you might not have collected all clues in the previous scene. Or both.

For example, to unlock Scene 3, you need to be Flower Level 3 and you must have found BOTH clues in Scene 2.

To earn more Flowers and increase your Flower level, you must improve Orchid Island. Build or upgrade buildings, decorate with decorations, or renovate landmarks to earn the Flowers you need to unlock the scene.

Why is an Adventure Scene locked?

In order to unlock an Adventure Scene, you need to collect a certain amount of Stars AND collect all the clues in the chapter.

The number of Stars needed to unlock the Adventure Scene is shown on the card in the Scene Browser corresponding to the Adventure Scene (the card on the far right).

How do I unlock the next Chapter?

In order to unlock the next chapter in June’s Journey you need to complete the Adventure Scene in the previous chapter, and also meet a certain Flower level requirement.

To earn more Flowers and increase your Flower level, you must improve Orchid Island. Build or upgrade buildings, decorate with decorations, or renovate landmarks to earn the Flowers you need to unlock the scene.

Why am I missing a Star?

Stars are earned by replaying Hidden Object Scenes. The final Adventure Scene in each chapter requires a certain number of Stars before you can unlock it. Sometimes this means you have to go back and play scenes you have already played, to earn the extra Stars you need to progress. Higher scores in the Hidden Object Scene will earn Stars faster.

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Sometimes a Star can be very close to completion but not quite, and playing the scene just one more time will earn you that Star. Remember, each time you earn a Star you will be awarded a Star Box, and the last Star in each scene will award you a rare 5-Star Box. When all five Stars have been earned, the scene is labeled with a red “Mastery” ribbon.

What do I need Clues for and how do I get them?

Clues are special items that you find while playing Hidden Object Scenes. Each one will reveal a bit more of the mystery June and her friends are trying to solve.

If you find a clue, it will be highlighted when you complete the Hidden Object Scene.

Starting with Chapter 2, each scene hides two clues that need to be found in order to continue with the story.

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  1. I lost my game, June’s journey, An I can’t find it to reinstall it, Can you help me Please.

  2. I have mastered Scene 3 in Chapter 6 and found both clues yet my next scene won’t unlock. I have the number of flowers it says I’m supposed to have but it still won’t unlock.

    1. Also I contacted June’s Journey “Help” and have not gotten any response. 🤕

    2. I have the same problem in Chapter 10. The last scene is locked although I have enough flowers that I have unlocked 4 scenes ahead but can’t get to them!!

  3. I am in chapter 16 level 77 and cannot move to the next level. What’s the problem?

  4. Stuck in chapter 16. Help

  5. How many flowers are required for each Chapter?

  6. I have finished Chapter 39 but cannot get through the cave as I can’t find the 2nd item needed.

  7. I lost a building and can’t find it. Is there a storage place? How do I restore a lost building?

  8. I’m in level 403 which I can’t open even though all previous scenes are mastered and I have enough flowers, in fact it shows a negative number of flowers. Why?

    1. I have same problem at level 85, enough flowers and previous scene mastered, but next level locked?

  9. I’m on chapter 31 level 1031 why do I need to wait so long for it to open when I have the flowers to do do?

    1. You have to wait until the next Thursday for the June’s Journey crew to create the next chapter. They release them once a week on Thursdays. Just keep replaying the most recent chapter to build up your coins, diamonds, flowers, etc. It’ll help you when the new chapter opens. Plus, you’ll stay informed about the competitions as they have them.

  10. Hi this might sound strange by how can I get back a previous chapter I accidentally clicked on a new chapter and never got a chance to complete the previous one

  11. I’m disappointed with this game all we do is watch ads and now they are only allowing 1drink to be served per day, they have definitely taken all the fun out of the game, well played

  12. Paid for 450 diamonds but never received them

  13. I finished over 500 chapters, I am no longer able to collect compasses to enlarge the islands leaving me no space to build. What’s up?

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