There is now a new and improved way for friends to send and receive energy in your Adventure Club! The Energy Board! This new feature is a great way to help your friends beat the weekly challenges and now you can send and receive energy with friends that aren’t connectedContinue Reading

As an Adventure Club President you need at least one additional member in your Adventure Club to being able to fully enjoy the feature’s experience. In the My Club tab you have as an Adventure Club President the possibility to edit your Adventure Club’s crest and description. You can alsoContinue Reading

During an Adventure Club Quest your Adventure Club can earn three Milestone Club Rewards. Every Milestone Club Reward is granted after a certain amount of Adventure Club points was collected by you and your Adventure Club members. All Adventure Club Members recieve the Milestone Club Reward, once a certain milestoneContinue Reading

The Adventure Clubs are a brand-new feature in Pearl’s Peril which allows you to chat with other players, earn extra coins and energy. In addition to that every Adventure Clubs member will be able to solve challenging Quests to earn Adventure Clubs points. These points will unlock for you andContinue Reading

As part of our plans to improve Adventure Clubs, making them bigger and better than ever, we’re rolling out a new feature: The Pearl’s Peril Passport! Your passport lets you decide how you show yourself to the world. You can choose your own name and your own portrait. Your privacyContinue Reading

When you master a hidden object scene of Iris’s Eyes, you will receive a Badge Boost that doubles your badge progress when you win any regular hidden object scene. Once you have received the Badge Boost, it will double the badge progress of the next 10 rounds you play.Continue Reading