You can compete against other players on the leaderboard to see who is the best at finding June’s clues! The leaderboard consists of your Facebook friends who currently play and other June’s Journey fans who share certain characteristics with you (location and join time). This way, you are able toContinue Reading

The Help Wanted newspaper is the latest buzz on Orchid Island. Through the newspaper, you can solve cases in exchange for rewards such as Coins, Energy, and Diamonds. Each time you solve a case, you’ll earn points toward the Challenger Prize!

Hi Detective! Here are some tips to help you make the most of your case solving in The Challenger newspaper. Remember that in order for your task progress to register, you first need to open the newspaper screen to view your cases.

The milkman is here with a daily delivery! Stop by once per day to see what rewards await. After 30 days of logging in, you will receive a special decoration for your island.

Star Boxes are awarded each time you earn a new Star in a Hidden Object Scene. You must open a Star Box to find out what is inside. What’s in the box is always a surprise, but it is usually a selection of these things: