More passengers! Parking lots are meant to increase the maximum capacity of a Terminal. This way, if your Terminal is full and you cannot receive more passengers, you can lift the limit by building another parking lot. The parking area is situated behind the Terminal sections.Continue Reading

The Control Tower is responsible for the maximum number of active planes at your disposal. Active planes are all the planes you are using at the moment included those in flights, staying in Aprons or waiting for repair. Those planes in Reserve Hangar are not counted among your active ones.Continue Reading

We use Stands instead of hangars in Airport City. A Stand is a maintenance zone for planes. Here a plane waits for its flight; meanwhile the plane is refueled, takes passengers on board, and returns when the flight is over. A Stand can provide services for any type of plane,Continue Reading

Your airport can have no more than two Runways. New levels give you a chance to upgrade the Runways so that you can send any type of plane into flight. The Runway zone has two parts: Runways and bearing tracks that enable planes to move around during takeoff and landingContinue Reading

To send a gift, tap the Gift button in the bottom menu → choose a gift and the friend you want to send it to. You can also send a gift through the Neighbors menu. To open the Neighbors menu, tap the Sociality button (the button with 3 people inContinue Reading

You can add friends and check your Friends list in the Neighbors menu. To open it, tap on the Sociality button (the one with 3 people in the bottom menu) and then press the other button with 3 people. You can add friends in the following ways: To add aContinue Reading