Airport City: What are Adventure Ratings?

During every adventure in Airport City, you have an opportunity to compete with other players in special adventure ratings and win valuable prizes. These ratings start on the first day of the adventure and end when the timer runs out.

How do I get into ratings?

As soon as you gain the first point, you automatically start your participation in ratings. Note that you can participate in ratings, gain points, visit the adventure shop, and collect the rewards only when your device is connected to the internet.

Why should I participate in adventure ratings?

Participation in ratings gives you the opportunity to receive:
– Daily rating rewards
– A big reward at the end of the adventure based on your overall results

What are adventure rating points?

Your place in the ratings is based on the number of gained points. You can gain rating points by dispatching special adventure flights, assembling the adventure collections, and completing tasks. The more points you have, the higher your place in the ratings will be.

Rating points are also used as adventure currency, which you can spend in the adventure shop on special buildings and bonuses.

Even after completing all of the adventure tasks and receiving the special reward for them, you can continue to participate in ratings and gain points to move to the higher leagues and compete for the grand adventure rating prize.

When you spend the collected adventure points in the special shop, they are NOT deducted from your rating. So you can spend them freely on special buildings and bonuses, it won’t affect your place!

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What leagues are there?

Ratings are divided into seven leagues:
– Iron
– Copper
– Bronze
– Silver
– Gold
– Titanium
– Platinum

Iron is the lowest league and Platinum is the highest

N.B. The higher the league you’re in, the better your daily reward will be.

How do I move to a higher league?

All players start in the Iron league. To move to a higher league you need to gain more adventure points than the player in 100th place of the next league (Copper). The league range depends on the activity of the players in the adventure and can change depending on how many points the player in 100th place of the higher league has collected. The league range refreshes at 00:00 GMT every day. If you have reached a high position in the adventure ratings but then for some reason stopped your active participation in the adventure, you will descend to a lower league due to the other players’ activity.

What is the reward for my participation in the ratings?

Every day all players in each league (except for the Iron one) receive a reward for active participation in adventure ratings. The reward corresponds to the highest place you have been able to reach in the ratings during the day. To collect the daily reward, you need to go to the adventure ratings window and press the “Collect” button. N.B. Daily rewards don’t stack up. If you haven’t collected your reward for the day, it will be replaced with another one the next day.

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At the end of the adventure, players will receive rewards equivalent to their daily rewards in the ratings. The top-100 players of the Platinum league will receive the Big special reward for outstanding results!
The calculation of the final results occurs when the adventure ends. There’s a timer in the adventure window showing how much time is left before the end of the adventure.

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