Airport City: Cargo Cult

Now each player from level 3 up to level 10 can get a little help growing their airport with our new starter event, Cargo Cult.

After you reach level 3 and complete the quest “Land Guest Planes – I”, some mysterious Cargo will land near your city. It contains 7 chests with rewards to help you in the game.

It takes time to open each chest, so if you don’t want to miss the moment when you can receive the reward, make sure to turn on push-notifications from the game on your device. But don’t worry if you can’t open the chests right away, they won’t disappear and you won’t miss the chest in any way.
Just remember: the timer for the next chest won’t start until you open the previous one.

All the rewards will automatically become active and ready to use, so you don’t need to look for them in your warehouse.

The Cargo container will remain in your airport until the last chest in the chain is opened.
After you receive the last reward, the container will disappear.

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