In Evo Pop start off by eating some leaves – they allow you to multiply and expand faster! Spells are your best friends in the battles for dominance. They are displayed at the bottom of the battle screen together with the time bar. To use a spell, drag it overContinue Reading

Your main objective in Idle Police Tycoon is to make your police stations grow thanks to your management strategy. You must study how to invest your earnings in your precinct until you get enough shields to travel to the next level. These shields will unlock bigger and more challenging policeContinue Reading

How Can I Change My Farm Name? How Can I Change My Pet’s Names? What Are the Sparkling Pigs in the Locked Sections of the Farm? How Can I Expand My Farm? How to Store Decorations How to Move a Decoration How Do I Unlock New Crops/Buildings? How Do IContinue Reading

My Pizzeria is a restaurant story game which provides you with an opportunity to open the restaurant of your dreams. This game is about a pizzeria and much more! This is an opportunity to live every day as the owner of your own restaurant and at the same time getContinue Reading

Set in Europe during the middle ages, your quest is to build and expand your empire, take part in epic battles against other factions, and strive to rule the land…Continue Reading

The Megapolis Store offers buildings that can be purchased for coins or Megabucks. Some buildings will only become available for sale for coins after you reach a particular level. But they can be purchased significantly earlier for Megabucks. You might have noticed that some buildings give you coins, while othersContinue Reading

Wauies are your pets in Wauies – The Pet Shop Game. The name derives from the German word for a dog’s bark, “Wau wau” (equivalent to “woof woof” in English), and doesn’t have any real meaning. It’s a bit like calling a dog a “woofer” or a “woofie” as aContinue Reading

The Cave Hunting Tools & Weapons Marriage & Family Expansions The Cave In era 3, you will gain access to the cave in the first part of the map you unlocked. The cave has various rooms for different features: Decoration Chamber The Decoration Cave allows you to store decorations suchContinue Reading